Monday, July 7, 2008

Portland, I mean Asheville NC

So yes I know, I'm not doing such a great job at posting more frequently. The result tends to be a long message so maybe one of these days I will get the hang of it. Jordan and I chose to spend our 2nd Anniversary in Asheville NC. This is in western NC and let me tell you, we felt like we were back home! It was really nice, it was our first trip that wasn't Military related. Getting away from life for the first time in quite a while was fun. We stayed at a very rustic cabin where Maverick could stay and went hiking Chimney Rock, and a day at the amazing Biltmore Mansion. Blogger isn't liking my photos at the moment so I will try again tomorrow.

Now we are back to work, yes we. I got the full time Nanny position working for a very nice family. I watch their 20 month old son about 45hrs a week and will occasionally watch him over the weekend. He's sweet, and pretty well behaved. Well I'll keep it short and leave more goodies for you tomorrow :)