Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where have I been???

So I was so proud of my nice whiteboard calendar, listing my days I'd blog and I was actually keeping up with it... for about two weeks?! What happened you might ask? Life!!

Our dear friends came out to visit us which consumed all our time and then our life got turned upside down. I bravely sent my baby with them across the country as I loaded up our SUV and made the long drive from Mississippi to Oregon. My mom and I made it in record time, just over three days!!! Yes I was one motivated momma :)

This trip was in preparation for deployment. I had to figure out how to get my vehicle to Oregon before December and with Toni and Travis being able to take Brooklyn it just seemed like the best time. So now Brooklyn, Maverick and I are enjoying play dates and family time while daddy is back in Mississippi keeping extra busy with training.

I'll fill y'all in with more details and photo's later, but for now I just had to let y'all know I didn't totally disappear (if there even is a y'all :)) btw, I think I confuse people out here with my y'all, and yes ma'am...

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Housemom, not a housewife

So I constantly have to remind my dear husband what I am and what I am NOT. You see, he was raised by a mother who did everything, cooked all the meals, cleaned up after these said meals, kept the house super duper clean, and read to them every night. She should have known not to set up her son with expectations that one day, when he was grown, he would find a loving woman who would do those said things.

While he found the loving woman, he most definitely did not find himself a houswife. I believe some men think that staying home with your child means you have all the time in the world to keep the house immaculate, prepare gourmet meals, and clean up after them. HA HA! A girl still needs her time to blog :) Overtime, my husband is starting to learn:

- I will keep our house clean, not tidy. Yes you will find piles of clutter around the house, I'll get to them eventually, usually with his help.
- I DO NOT clean up after his clutter, he made the mess and he can put it away.
-I am not his maid, he knows to put his own laundry in the hamper, rinse his dishes, etc.

These are just a few of the many adjustments my husband has had to make by marrying me, poor guy :) Thankfully we've found a happy balance. He knows now to pester me, and I'm not afraid to remind him to clean up after himself. And if asked, he will always chip in and help.

But to be fair, I've also had to step my game up a bit. I've established a schedule to stay on top of everything and I'm doing pretty good so far. I've even developed a monthly schedule for deep cleaning! Though I think that has more to do with the baby who is becoming more and more mobile.

What I am though, is a housemom. My life is 100% devoted to our sweet baby Bee. I strive to provide for her needs and help her to learn and have fun in the process. I was destined to be a mother and I am dedicated to doing my best. Now, by no way does this mean I"m an amazing mother, I make plenty of mistakes. But so far... I think we're surviving :)

Side note: I just cooked up some peas and sweet potatoes for Bee to try! I think it's about time to transition from the baby pureed food, to the big girl finger foods :) I'll keep y'all posted!