Sunday, June 15, 2008


Lately I have been so very sleepy! I don't know why, I mean its not like I do much during the week, but I would rather be sleepy all the time than restless.

This weekend started Thursday night with a girls night! We all met up at Kathryn's Martini Bar & Bistro for dinner and then went to see Sex and The City. It was a lot of fun and we hope to start having girls nights more often. Friday night all of us (12 people) met up at Icehouse and had a fabulous dinner on their deck. The restaurant is right on the water so it was perfect! After dinner we went to a local bar were 2 guys they worked with were playing acoustic. We all had a great time socializing and listening to great music. Saturday was a relaxing day all to ourselves. Jordan worked on homework, then we had a late lunch, early dinner, stopped at the bookstore, and then enjoy nachos and a movie :) We watched The Terminal, it was a cute movie. Now it is Sunday and Jordan has been very productive with school work and I was lazy sleeping in :)

I interviewed for an awesome full time nanny position on Thursday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I get the job! I've only met the mother, but she was so nice and I really think I would fit in with them very well. They are the modern day Brady Bunch :) They have 8 kids!!! I would only be watching their 20 month old son though. They love to travel and who can complain about that! This is exactly the type of job I want if I'm going to go back to working full time. As most of you know, I love being around kids! We've been playing phone tag trying to set up a second interview where I can meet her husband and son. I'll keep everybody posted!

Now it's time for me to get into gear! I have a messy house and laundry to do :)

Happy Fathers Day to all those Fathers out there!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Daily Post

So I decided that I really need to increase my postings on this page, I mean I like to write yet I never make the time to put my words down for the rest of the world to read!

Speaking of writing, people are increasingly becoming aware that I spend my afternoons writing (when I'm not wasting time on the internet) which then leads to many questions about what I'm writing. When I hear that question my heart instantly begins to race and I begin to stumble over my words. I have heard others say that this would be how I would react to such a question but I didn't realize how true that was! The truth of the matter is, I don't really know how to answer, only because I don't yet have an answer. It's too soon to classify my work, so to all of you supporters I promise to give you more information when I have the answer. But for now, I am working on a story and we will see how it goes! I've written over 5,000 words already but it is all planning work.

Jordan's school work has 100% taken over his life, therefore mine as well. He gets home from work, eats dinner, and then takes over the dining room table until bedtime. So I am then restricted to reading or internet browsing as the TV is too distracting. I'm trying to be a good little wife and not complain, but let me tell ya... it's gonna be a long 7 more weeks! It's gotten so bad that we now have no weekend. Since he has so much vacation time stocked up he is going to take the next 7 Fridays off and spend all day doing his school work. Hopefully that will at least free up his weekends so we can go back to having some fun.

I'll leave you with a photo from my play date with Dee and the boys!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend...

With all the fun we've been having the last couple weekends Jordan had to buckle down and get caught up on his Masters classes. He spent practically the entire weekend at our dining room table, books and papers spread out, plugging numbers. Since he chose the dining room I was left to spend my weekend without television. So I took up my handy work station (there is no room for me at Jordan's actual desk so I have taken over our over sized chair). I did a little reading, writing, and internet browsing. What an exciting weekend huh?

I guess its been a while since I last posted. Our BBQ was a success, everybody showed up and we all ate and played games until about 9:30. The next weekend, Memorial weekend, was a Wetting Down party, held at a beach house in Emerald Isle. At first the weather threatened to ruin all the plans, but by 1pm on Saturday the sun prevailed! We had a great time playing beach volleyball, bocce, frizbee, and just having a good time :)

So you can see how Jordan got behind with his school work.

Hope everyone has a great week!