Monday, April 21, 2008

The count down begins

Hola!! That's me speaking Spanish :) I've decided to give the second language thing a try again, hopefully I will do a better job at it this time around. So Jordan is going to be home in.... 6 DAYS!!!! I can hardly stand it. Last week I saw a truck just like his and I got all giddy, of course I then scolded myself for being so silly! I think every couple should have time apart like this, well ok maybe not three months. This time apart always makes me appreciate him even more and anticipating the arrival is fun as well. I keep romanticizing his arrival... he pulls up in his truck and I run out the door to give him a big hug and Groodinees (that's Maverick pronounced Grew-d-knees) is just as excited. I'll stop there at my fantasy but needless to say I can't wait.

Upon his arrival we have decided to make some life style changes compared to before he left. (1) We plan on seeing as much of NC as we possibly can, therefore we will be spending little time being bums on our couch. (2) we have decided on our new hobbies, Jordan will be taking up Kite Surfing & working on his Master Degree, and I will be learning Spanish & Ballroom Dancing (which he has to partake in as well). (3) We both have established workout routines and will stay on track with those. (4) We are trying to go GREEN so grocery shopping will become more about fresh food than the icky yet sometimes yummy and often easier processed foods! And get ready for this one (5) we will be eliminating weekday TV watching!!! Don't worry we will be DVRing our favorites and watching them when we have a chance, allowing for a few hours on the weekends. In general we just want to make the most of our time here on earth and these all seem to be steps in the right direction :)

So I basically have 6 days left to watch TV all day long, eat lots of junk food and just be a bum on the couch :)

Oh and by the way... don't be alarmed when you start to see my hair curly in pictures, this humidity makes it impossible to wear straight!

We will be having our first house guest in less than a month so I'm getting all excited and will be putting the spare bedroom together. Right now it looks like we are a pair of college kids that just threw things together to make another room.. wait that is what it is! So I have decided to get it all dolled up and lookin good for Winkler, I'll be sure to take before and after pics of it!

Buenas Noches!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Happy Birthday... TO ME!

So in less than 24 hours I will be 23! It's crazy how fast this last year has went by, here are some of my highlights:

- Jordan Graduated from OSU

- Our first anniversary was celebrated w/a trip to the airport as Jordan left for OCS, and that very same day our best friends, Toni and Travis got married

- Packed my bags and drove to Pensacola with Courtney to spend the last month w/Jordan at OCS, little did I know we would be making that drive 3 more times in the next 6 months!

- Missed 2 of my closest friends weddings because I was in Florida :( Congrats Jenny & Kyle Tegner, and Courtney & Mike Jasckson!!!!!!!

- Found out we were going to Camp Lejuene, North Carolina

- Bought our first house!!!

- For the first time ever we spent Thanksgiving, Christmas, & New Years away from friends and family

- Jordan headed out west for CECOS, leaving me with the dog for 3 months

-Went out to California for Jordan's birthday and the Seabee Ball

And ta-da we are now at the end of a year full of many memories. I think this might have been one of my most life changing years so far!

Thank you all for the nice cards and messages, I appreciate it a lot! Hopefully this will be my first and last birthday spent alone, but I plan on adding it to my memory wall :) Hugs and Kisses to you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Wake Up!!!

Hello again :)

I got back to North Carolina yesterday and I'm stuck on California time, staying up until 2am and waking up at 12:30!! This doesn't help my motivation to be productive during the day. So I've decided to take a sleeping aide tonight to go to bed at a decent time and try and get back into a decent schedule. My hopes are that I get a lot more done in my days. We shall see.

Jordan has gotten himself back into a strict fitness regime, I'm hoping at least a fraction of that has rubbed off on me during my stay. He's lookin good, I can no longer say he is caring our child :) No he didn't really have that big of a belly but when he sticks it out it sure looks like he is 6 months prego, ha ha. He is really into Crossfit and wants me to join him, but after looking at the women who participate I don't really want to. These woman have HUGE muscles!!! I told him I'm lookin to tone my body not look like I could beat him up! Anywho, I'm jumping back onto the fitness bandwagon and hopefully I stick to it this time.

Jordan only has another 2.5 weeks left of class and then he will begin his voyage home. He is stopping in Eugene first to get the Camaro so if you wanna see him he should be there for about 4 days, arriving on April 19th. He hopes to get here on the 28th, I'm really hoping that works out. Then a couple weeks later we will be having our first ever house guest! Winkler, a guy from Jordan's OCS and CECOS class will be joining us in Camp Lejeune and he plans on staying with us for a few weeks until he gets to know the rest of the guys.

While I'm excited to have a house guest, I wish is was someone from back home!!! I miss you all and I am very sad that I won't get to see you all when Jordan is there :(