Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Triplet Duty!

Hey y'all!! Hello from North Carolina again :) I took my camera with me when I went to watch the boys today, boy is it difficult to get all three to look at the camera at the same time and stay in one spot! Trying to get them all to smile was just a bit too much but I did my best. I plan on bringing the camera with me most of the time to capture some good moments.

This is Brendon, Brett, and Bradley!
(from left to right)

These two are the identical ones, if they only looked this different from each other all the time I might actually be able to tell who is who :) Bradley, (red pants) is the daddies boy and tends to throw a small fit when his parents leave, and Brenden likes to grunt lately, Dee and Bruce say he sounds like a baby dinosaur!

And this is Brett, he's the chunky one of the bunch, but he loves to sit on my lap. He was the leader of the pack the first day I was there, making all the first moves and then his brothers would follow.

I love watching them, they keep me busy and they truly aren't that wild. I've just been watching them about 12 hours a week but hopefully that will increase a bit now that Dee got a job here and Bruce starts on base soon.

On a personal note, I plan on visiting Jordan February 22 - 27 so I will get to see him for his birthday!

I took Maverick to the vet and again he was horrible, something about this vet he gets SO excited when he sees others dogs there. He barks and bucks like a horse, he is relentless and won't stop until the dogs leave. And forget trying to leave the place, it was a tug-a-war and in the process the leash broke my skin on my hand and I started bleeding, so I had to pick him up to get him into the Envoy. I swore to Jordan that was the last time I take him there by myself and then I get a message from Elaine informing me that he needs shots next month! Ugh!!! That dog sometimes, I swear!

I've begun a workout routine... again. I'm not letting myself quit this time! I'm running with Maverick 3 days a weeks and on the other days I'm walking him and doing strength training at home. I'm only 2 days in and I'm SORE!! :)

That's it for now, stay tuned :)

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