Sunday, October 12, 2008

I need my own space!

While Jordan has his own lovely office I've been left too find my own "special" place to work. For a while I was using our dining room table but today I got so frustrated! I mean come on, the dining room table? That's where we are supposed to eat, not where I'm supposed to get inspired and spend my time writing away! So today I've opted for the floor in the living room. I actually like working on the floor best, but as you can see it's kinda tacky and Maverick thinks he needs to help and ends up trying to lay on my laptop because it's in my lap and that's exactly where he thinks he should be. Ugh! I just want my own space so I can focus on nothing but writing!!

Now wouldn't this be nice!

Ok so maybe I'm dreaming a little bit here but honestly I need something or I might just never finish a story! This is really what I need, just something for me to work at.

Ok I'll be done complaining... for now.

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