Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Brooklyn's first trip to Oregon

So while I was still on maternity leave we decided to take a trip to Oregon so Brooklyn could see all the family members that weren't able to come out to North Carolina. We were blessed to be able to get her Baptized that first weekend up at Ralf's new church in Lakewood WA. While we were there we stayed with the Drapers, making it a perfect start to our trip.

Our baby girl getting baptized! I had no idea how emotional it would make me, but I was fighting back tears. I suppose I can no longer make fun of my mother for getting emotional over silly things :)

It was so nice to see Ralf! Jordan and I are so thankful he was willing and able to baptize her.
Being Brooklyn's Godparents, Toni and Travis were also her sponsor's.

We spent the rest of our trip in Oregon house hopping so everybody got to see her. This is Brooklyn's first time being held by Auntie Courtney, she was so focused on Courtney's dark hair!

Then we ended our vacation with one last night in Portland. To celebrate we left Brooklyn with Grandma McGee and got all dressed up for a night out. We had a blast and wished we could have stayed longer.
Since returning home I have went back to work :( I can already tell you that I wish I was at home with Brooklyn and that I just want to be a stay at home mommy. It's so hard to do it all, work consumes so many hours out of my week that I feel like I hardly have a chance to breath! Hopefully I adjust soon because I may lose my mind if not. Thankfully Brooklyn is being watched by a very nice girl and that makes things so much easier. I get picture messages from her all the time. I'll have to post some because she is with a little one year old named Ella and she just loves to play with Brooklyn :)
Brooklyn had her 2 month checkup. Here are her stats:
Weight - 11lbs 14oz! Chunk a monk :)
Length - 22 inches
Head - 15 1/3 inches
She was pretty much average for everything but her weight, she's in the 70th percentile for that one :) Her daddy was a chunky baby so I think she's taking after him. We're just so happy to have a healthy baby.
Ok so that is my quick update on the past month! Hopefully Jordan will start to give up the computer some so I can keep y'all updated!

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Stephanie Nelson said...

Marissa she is so beautiful. You look amazing! I think you guys go to Scott's families church. Scott thought Pastor Ralf had moved?? Well it is good to see you are doing well. We do need to catch up soon. Congrats again on your lil girl.. she is precious.