Thursday, August 19, 2010

Where have I been???

So I was so proud of my nice whiteboard calendar, listing my days I'd blog and I was actually keeping up with it... for about two weeks?! What happened you might ask? Life!!

Our dear friends came out to visit us which consumed all our time and then our life got turned upside down. I bravely sent my baby with them across the country as I loaded up our SUV and made the long drive from Mississippi to Oregon. My mom and I made it in record time, just over three days!!! Yes I was one motivated momma :)

This trip was in preparation for deployment. I had to figure out how to get my vehicle to Oregon before December and with Toni and Travis being able to take Brooklyn it just seemed like the best time. So now Brooklyn, Maverick and I are enjoying play dates and family time while daddy is back in Mississippi keeping extra busy with training.

I'll fill y'all in with more details and photo's later, but for now I just had to let y'all know I didn't totally disappear (if there even is a y'all :)) btw, I think I confuse people out here with my y'all, and yes ma'am...

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tegner two said...

yes there is a y'all:) love you rissa!!!