Thursday, November 4, 2010

The 4am Call That Changed Everything!

It was early Friday morning when my phone startled me awake, it was Jen. What could she be wanting at this hour? I answer the phone groggy and the first words out of her mouth, "Oh my gosh Marissa, I just realized what time it is!" Not really what I was expecting to hear :) After I ask her what's up she informs me that our dear friends Toni and Travis were heading to the hospital to have their first baby, Will. I was in SHOCK! I had just talked to Toni Thursday night and she was completely fine and her doc appointment that day showed she still hadn't dilated. Well, things changed a few hours later!

So this was at 4am central time and an hour later Jordan rolls over and informs me that I need to either go back to sleep, or go in the living room, oops :) Needless to say I head to the living room and wait to get the confirmation call that Toni was admitted to the hospital. As you can assume, I got that call and I was instantly on searching for the next flight out to meet my Godson!

William Alexander Ramme was born on Friday, October 29th at 12:14 pm and 8 hours later, Auntie Rissa got to meet him :) Of course I burst into tears the second I saw Toni holding that little man. I am so thankful I was able to hop on that plane and spend the weekend with my extended family. It was just meant to be, Jordan already had a four day weekend, so Brooklyn stayed with Daddy.

So here are some photo's from the weekend, enjoy!

The beautiful momma and her little man :)

I just couldn't get over how much he looks like his momma!

I think we all look a little disheveled but here are the happy aunties with baby Will!

Monday afternoon we did a quick (20 min.) newborn session with Will. I must say I'm pretty proud of myself for my first shoot. I only have a couple finished so far, but I can't wait to get the others done!

Daddy and baby, just before the shower ;) It was hilarious, Will doesn't pee the entire time and then we get him into Trav's arms and he's spraying within the first minute. I about died, you would have thought Trav was being sprayed with poison. Don't worry I got a picture of his reaction, it's a little blurry but it's still priceless :)
I will definitely be getting props to get myself set up to do more newborn shoots, I loved it!!


Toni & Travis said...

Marissa, you are so sweet and such and amazing friend, Godmother and photographer! We miss you and Brooklyn so much and I can't wait to see you again! We just wish Jordan could come home too ;) I will be calling you tomorrow!!

Love you
T & T

Courtney said...

Congrats!! These are BEAUTIFUL! Your black and white conversions are GREAT! What a precious little baby and I'm so glad you were able to rush and go see that sweet baby boy and your dear friends!