Monday, June 2, 2008

Our Weekend...

With all the fun we've been having the last couple weekends Jordan had to buckle down and get caught up on his Masters classes. He spent practically the entire weekend at our dining room table, books and papers spread out, plugging numbers. Since he chose the dining room I was left to spend my weekend without television. So I took up my handy work station (there is no room for me at Jordan's actual desk so I have taken over our over sized chair). I did a little reading, writing, and internet browsing. What an exciting weekend huh?

I guess its been a while since I last posted. Our BBQ was a success, everybody showed up and we all ate and played games until about 9:30. The next weekend, Memorial weekend, was a Wetting Down party, held at a beach house in Emerald Isle. At first the weather threatened to ruin all the plans, but by 1pm on Saturday the sun prevailed! We had a great time playing beach volleyball, bocce, frizbee, and just having a good time :)

So you can see how Jordan got behind with his school work.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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