Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Near Miss...

So we've made it to Long Beach Mississippi! We live literally two minutes from the back gate which is fantastic for grocery shopping :)

Jordan still has three more weeks in North Carolina so Brooklyn and I here trying to get the house all put together. I'm trying to be super motivated to get it all done, but I'm usually really focused for one day and then kind of slack the next :)

We've recently busted out the 3-6 month old clothes for Brooklyn, kind of sad to be putting away a whole bunch of clothes she barely wore! Brooklyn is getting more and more interactive which is so much fun, she laughs, talks, and smiles all the time. Still trying to get a naptime routine established, from what I hear naps can be difficult for most mothers.

Now getting to the subject matter of this post, our near miss: My Birthday was Monday and my dear friend and current neighbor, Elisha, brought over a little cake for me while I was feeding Brooklyn. So I answer the door to a cake lit with candles and my friend singing Happy Birthday, well, caught up in the moment I forget that Maverick would also get excited and he sneaks out the front door. I frantically try to call him back into the house because he isn't wearing his collar. He comes back pretty easily but then he hears little Miss Emma squeal and tries to go back outside. Stupid me, I try to stop him with my legs and while I did manage to keep him inside, I also went tumbling to the ground with my child in my arms!! Thank GOD she didn't hit the ground or even get upset, but my bum and knee are both covered in bruises. It really was quite funny if you really think about it, except for the fact that I had Brooklyn in my arms.

Oh and to top it off that night Miss Brooklyn also decided to poop in her bath!! I tell you, life is never dull once you have children in it :)

I'll get pictures posted soon, but for now I must try and be productive while the little one naps (yes she just went down like a good girl!)

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tegner two said...

strong mama!!!! way to keep him inside and hold on to brooklyn...natural instincts of super mom:) love ya