Saturday, June 12, 2010

Big girl now!

Brooklyn hated her infant car seat, she would get sweaty so easily and I don't think she was a fan of being cradled like a baby. That all together resulted in a VERY VERY fussy child whenever we went anywhere, which only made her even more sweaty as her fits are a full body experience. So we loaded up the car and drove to Mobile Alabama to find her a convertible car seat with the hope that she would be a more pleasant car rider. As you can see, she is much more comfortable and will now fall asleep without any crying fits! Thankfully we went and got this before our trip to the beach, it made such a difference.

Now getting rid of the infant car seat meant that we no longer had it to take her into restaurants. She's had to upgrade to the highchair! Not too bad, we just have to do some stuffing around her with a blanket :)
She loves that thumb :)

Such a big girl now!!

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