Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photography Inspiration

Hello everybody!

Since returning home from our visit to Oregon most of you know that I'm actively trying to pursue a photography business. I just had too much fun not to go for it!! So while I'm here, I'm spending 90% of my free time glued to the computer. There are so many amazing people out there that have a wealth of knowledge, and they so freely share it with others who also have a passion for photography. Right now I'm learning, but I can't wait to someday return the favor and pay it forward, helping others along this amazing journey.

So I thought I'd share my favorite places to hop around and learn from in case there are any of you out there wanting to learn as well!

First off, if you're starting to get your feet wet, you should definitely hop on over to click it up a notch. Courtney does a fantastic job teaching you how to understand, and use your camera past that auto setting!

Now if you want to learn editing techniques you'll want to head to ramblings and photos where Ashley has a lot of great PhotoShop Elements tutorials. She's always got her camera with her and posts a lot of pictures that are fantastic!

Both Courtney and Ashley are super helpful so don't be afraid to ask them anything. If they don't know the answer they will definitely search out the answer for you, they're amazing!!!!!

Forums are another great resource. Two places that I visit all the time are i heart faces and clickinmoms.

And lastly, if you have photographers you like, follow them! Most photographers has a blog along with their website. A majority of them will post tips or do Q&A's. Plus, looking at what others are doing is a great way to see what clients are looking for and their photos are a another source of inspiration.

I realize I'm doing this post about photography without a photo but it's getting late and there's a brownie calling my name :) Night y'all!!!


Courtney said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog :O) I feel so honored and glad you have found it helpful!! I am obsessed with clickinmoms.com!! That is where I have taken the majority of my workshops!! They are about to offer sign up for RYC 101! The spots go quickly so if you want to do it check out the "workshop" forum to find out more. That was my first workshop and I learned SO much! Lynne is an amazing teacher and gives excellent critiques!!

Ashley Sisk said...

Oh my goodness - you're so sweet! Thanks for the blog love.