Thursday, October 14, 2010

Should be sleeping

It's almost 11pm, when Jordan is home I rarely stay up this late. But it seems while he's away, the noises that I thought kept me awake are missing and in reality, it appears to be those noises that help me sleep. Sure I don't have to tell him to roll over because he's snoring, but there is that empty space on his side of the bed, no deep breathing right next to me, letting me know I'm not alone. Sure Bee is in the other room peacefully sleeping but there is still that missing piece. So, I stay up till at least 11pm until he returns!

You know, I used to be a planner, but over time my loving husband has taught me to go with the flow. He would say I worry, but really I'm just noisy and want to know every little detail. We joke, there are those couples out there that are just so in sink its crazy (T&T!) then there is us. While we get along great and have learned over time how to communicate well, we are in many ways, opposites. You can almost guarantee that we will have two very different approaches to things. Thankfully we at least agree(for the most part) on where we should end up; its just that we each would take two very different paths to get there. I will admit, I think I conform to his ways more often that not, but that's ok. So where was this all going?? Oh yes it all started with the fact that I'm a planner.

Most of you that follow my blog know it took several (as in 3) years for me to get pregnant. SO, that being said while pregnant with Brooklyn, we would talk about future kids, how many? how far apart? All those important things you know :) We both agreed that we would like at least three (Jordan says 5,ha ha!), and we would like them two years or less apart. Now being the planner that I was, you would think I would be going hysterical over the fact that we have a huge kink in that plan... Jordan's deployment. Eight months gone, from the time Brooklyn is 11 months to 19 months throws a giant curve ball into that two years apart plan.

But you know what, I've realized I am ok with that. Sure I won't get exactly what I wanted but the trade off isn't bad either. I'll get 8 solid months of pure Brooklyn and mommy time, something no other child of ours will EVER get. So rather than pouting about things not going as 'planned' I'm rolling with it and living the life God has given me. I'm so very thankful for my blessing that is peacefully sleeping on the other side of my wall. Now, if only I can fall asleep :) I'm hoping that purging my brain of this will help!


Care said...

We sound similar, my husband and I have the same goals/plans, but we take very different approaches to things. I am also a huge planner!! Enjoy your time with your little girl. Hopefully the deployment flies by for you guys!

Courtney said...

I totally understand! I stay up WAAYY1 too late when my hubby is away. It is hard to sleep without their snoring and sticking my cold feet under his legs :O) Hope he returns soon!!!

Toni & Travis said...

Going with the flow is always a great idea; I myself basically float along 24/7.

Oh, and while Toni and I may appear to be super in sync, I can promise you that most of it is window dressing. We certainly scramble around a lot behind the scenes too:)