Friday, May 9, 2008

Dance, dance, dance!

Hello Ballroom dancing...

See ya later square dancing!

So what is this all about you might ask? Well you see, I've always loved dancing. Since I was little I was hooked :) My grandfather was a square dance caller so naturally I wanted to learn. In elementary school I was out there on the dance floor with the best of them, and I loved it! Life got busy in High School and I no longer wanted to spend my free time with the grandparents, rude I know. Anyhow... So I stopped dancing and boy do I miss it. But now I'm addicted to ballroom dancing, I want to learn SOOOOO bad! So I put Jordan and I on a waiting list for classes this summer, I've been working out to Fitness with the pros, a ballroom workout DVD, and I recently bought a dance lesson DVD for Jordan and I to learn at home! Poor Jordan, he has to suffer at my expense, but I love him even more for it! I'm hoping our next Base is in a bit larger of a metropolitan area so I can take real lessons :) I told Jordan I would love to be able to compete at least once in my life, so I am going to work real hard! Go ahead and laugh, but I love dancing so I don't really care. Of course, Jordan is not into it like me so I don't think he will be wanting to compete but I'm sure I will find a dance partner ;) So call me the obsessed ballroom lunatic!!!

Now let me bring myself back to reality... Ok I'm here. This weekend Andy will be staying with us and I'm excited for him to come to Camp Lejeune! He's a lot of fun and Jordan and I look forward to hanging out with him :) We miss his CECOS crew so having Andy here will help. We are having a BBQ tomorrow with the other J.O.'s, it should be lots of fun, don't worry I will take pictures :) I'm back to writing again, my new years resolution was to finish a book so I better get going or else I might fail! I'm not finishing the other one I had started, its too much about me, so this time I'm digging deep and bringing my creative mind back from the dead and hope to get more excited about this one. I will let you all know more about it soon!

Happy Mother's Day to all those moms out there!! Moms are the best and everybody better take a little time out of their day to let them know it :) To my momma...

I love you so much! You have the kindest heart I've ever seen, sometimes too kind but that's what makes you you! I think life has yet to give you just what you deserve and I believe with my whole heart that when you get it you will see just how amazing life can be. I recently read this in the Bible: Pain with a purpose. God makes it clear that this pain is not arbitrary and purposeless. Like childbirth, it will lead to something happy and good. "as a mother comforts her child, so I will comfort you" (Isiah 66:13). Just remember that when you are feeling low, life will turn around for the better, you just have to have faith.

and to my mother-in-law...

Just like my mother I love you so much! You have embraced me as one of your own, with a love that is so deep in faith. People say that we have the same mannerisms... I've never met a woman so strong in herself, faith, and family. There's always this sense of peace around you that calms me. Whenever I would come over to your house I always felt slightly more relaxed, like once I was inside your doors I was safe.

I'm so thankful to have both my mother's in my life, each one balances each other perfectly. I look to you both as role models as women, and mothers. So Happy Mother's Day!!

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dzydame said...

Roo! You are indeed very blessed to have a mom like yours and now a mom-in-law who also brings so much into your life and your relationship with her.

Your mom is a huge blessing in my life. I can't imagine my life without her. All that she brings to your relationship as a mom, I believe she also brings to her friends and anyone else who has the privilege to know her. There's a lot of love and kindness in that heart of hers . . . She is an amazing and beautiful woman - inside and out! God has a plan for her life, definitely!

Much love and blessings to you!