Monday, January 25, 2010

The first 3 weeks

I want to share a few photos from the last three weeks at home with Brooklyn :)
Snuggle time with mommy after a feeding, one of her favorite things to do!

Should have rotated this adorable picture! I didn't realize how much she'd like laying in the boppy pillow, but she will sit there just looking around at everything her little eyes can see. The other day I read her a story while sitting in it and she just took in the book and the story!

And we also quickly fall asleep laying in the boppy :)

Our family after a night out with the boys. We took Brooklyn to our local Pub, yes I said Pub :) It's very family oriented and she was just a perfect angel while we were there!

Brooklyn's umbilical cord fell off on Saturday morning so we were able to give her a real bath! Surprisingly she loved bathed time, not drying off and getting lathered with lotion though :)
You guys should see Jordan with her, he is amazing! He'll try and be so goofy for her when she's screaming at us, and for the most part it does the job :) We've been blessed with a good little sleeper, I only have to get up around 1:30am and then again round 5:30am! She's such a good baby :) I can't believe it's already been 3 weeks, time really does fly and before I know it she's going to be crawling around, or at least up all day rather than napping :)

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tegner two said...

she is THE cutest baby!!! so adorable rissa:)