Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2 for Tues

Hello blog world! So I'm finally making a commitment to getting back to my responsibilities :) Actually I've been very busy with my toddler responsibility but thats no excuse! So today I'm going to start one of my photo themed days. I'm not quite sure I can commit to the 365 project so for now I've created 5 fun daily photo themes and will give that a go first.

Today is 2 for Tues, the idea being a picture of me and my little miss doing something together every tuesday. When making our Christmas cards I discovered just how few of pictures I'm actually in. While most of us photographers get behind the camera because we infact don't like being on the other side, I actaully love seeing photos of myself (so vain I know). What can I say, for me photos are so emotional and I like seeing that I was a piece of that moment.

I guess this photo is really a 3 for tues since the Dude snuck into the photo :) I'm having issues getting my tripod to work so I had to improvise, with my hands full :) Brooklyn is constantly wanting up and down and while it drives me crazy, seeing my content angel like that just melts my heart...

So it's a horrible photo technically but its a photo none the less :)

Happy Tuesday! It is tuesday right? ;)

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