Friday, January 14, 2011

Funky Friday

Yeah it's Friday! So as y'all can see Friday is 'Funky Friday' in an attempt to humble myself each week I will post a picture that wasn't quite a success. I'm pretty sure every one of us have sessions where we just totally botch a picture, normally we'd just delete them and forget that it even happened. Instead I'm going to publicly show my faults as a way to encourage others out there that it's completely normal to have this happen and show that it's images like these that help us learn.
So first off, this picture was not from this week, but this last weekend but hopefully I'll be better with my camera next week :) This is SOOC, truthfully the lighting and colors look great for being SOOC but I'm fairly certain y'all can see my major mistake. Sorry Toni, I chopped your head off!!! Had I gotten off my lazy bum and taken a step back I would have gotten her entire head in the shot and then I could have used this to show off our momma's afternoon out. Oh well, lesson learned :)
By the way, Toni, you totally should have gotten those adorable flats!!

1 comment:

Toni & Travis said...

Even missing part of her head, she still looks smokin' hot!