Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Daycare and Crocodile Tears...

This morning, I had a doctors appointment so I had no choice but to load up the girl and take her to the Child Development Center (daycare) on base. I won't lie, I was nervous about the whole thing. I think I've mentioned it already but we've been dealing with mommy separation issues for about a month now.

Drop off went well, atleast while I was still in the room :) I handed her off to the trusty Miss Shannon, filled out her morning stats, gave her a kiss and was off. About an hour later I was done with my appointment. I contemplated running to the grocery store and then grabbing her, but I won't lie, that thought only lasted maybe a second.

I'm not sure exactly what I expected to see as I entered the room, optimistically I envisioned her sitting on the floor playing with other children. As I approached the door I could hear babies fussing, but whether one of them was my sweet girl I couldn't be sure. Once inside the door I could see, just past Miss Shannon, were those precious little toes I love and adore. All circled around Miss Shannon and her assistant were babies in all different bouncy's. I said hello and my eyes went from those cute little toes to my baby's face. She was vigorously sucking her thumb and as I looked into those baby blues I saw the remnants of crocodile tears :( My sweet baby girl missed her momma, so I did what any mother would do and I went up to her and wiped those tears and gave her lots of lovin. For the first couple minutes I think she was trying to process the fact that I did indeed return for her and that it was actually me.

Once we got home we ate some yummy fruit and laughed and played way past naptime, but I think we were both soaking up our time together :)

I know there will be more times when we have to resort to the daycare and hopefully eventually it will be something she enjoys. Truthfully I knew it wasn't going to be the most exciting experience for her because, well, I'm going to say it... I'm a pretty awesome mommy and I keep my girl entertained :)

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Toni & Travis said...

This bodes well for when Toni and I have to take her on a plane, across the country, and through a bunch of unfamiliar places for 3 or 4 days with no Mommy around.

I'm sure it'll help that she won't remember me at all, and thus will basically be abducted by a stranger.